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1.  When do you play which game (Powerball vs. Mega Millions)?

We don't play EITHER game unless the jackpot is AT LEAST $300 million (for P/B) or $200 million (for MM). 

2.  How many members do you presently have and how many chances does the pool take each drawing?

As of May, 2016, we have 20 members, and each player purchases one (1) ticket per drawing, and each ticket is power-played (or Megaplied), so each ticket costs $3 ($2). 

3.  Does the pool take quick picks (QPs) or hand-picked #s?

Quick picks.    
4.  How are pool winnings distributed?

On the master listing of tickets (see Question 5 Link C below), a player's name is located out to the right of EACH individual ticket.  Once the powerball (mega millions) numbers are pulled on drawing nights, I immediately enter the winning #s on the master spreadsheet.  Winnings are allocated as follow:  :

Only prizes of $50,000 ($5,000-MM) and up are shared, and they're shared equally by all players.  Prizes below $50,000 ($5,000-MM) go to the player whose name is to the right of the winning ticket (See Question 5, Link E below). 


5.  How are results communicated to players?

Via email either around 11:15 p.m. drawing night (if nationwide results available by then) or around noon the next day (if nationwide results not known by 11:15 p.m. drawing night).  Here's a copy & paste of the PRE-drawing email: 

Here are the applicable links for the next P/B drawing (if links appear unchanged from yesterday/today, click on your browser’s REFRESH button):

 1.  Confirmation of participation:: 


 2.    “Dream a Little” (i.e. expected prize level) and Odds Link:  www.la-powerball.com/dream.htm

 3.  Ticket Link www.la-powerball.com/set_numbers.htm

 4.  Results Link (initial – i.e. non-nationwide -- results posted @ approximately 10:15 p.m. drawing night):  www.la-powerball.com/results.htm
Thanks for everyone’s continued support!

Note:  Pay Pal Email Account to Add to Your Powerball Account:  rburnsbtr@hotmail.com OR robert@auctionsellsfast.com

             No fee if funding from bank account or Pay Pal balance.  Fee if using debit or credit card = $0.30 + 3% of amount funded.

Note:  Link to invite friends, relatives, co-workers to join the pool:  www.la-powerball.com.  


6.  How do I become a member of the pool?

Either mail a check (or utilize the Pay Pal mechanism outlined directly above and below) for an whatever amount you wish.  I'll buy tickets until the funds are depleted.  My mailing address is:

              Robert Edwin Burns
           4155 Essen Lane, Suite 228
           Baton Rouge, LA  70809-2152

7.  Do you have any other mechanism for payment into the pool?

Yes.  Roughly half our members have opted to take advantage of a PAY PAL payment option.  If you wish to use the Pay Pal
option, Click Here for Details.

9.  What happens if a player's credit balance goes negative?

Tickets aren't purchased for that player.  Funds have to be available at the time of ticket purchase!

10.  Who all have won so far?


To date, we've had the following lucky individual winners:

One (1) $250 winner                                                                    Martin Cooper, Shawnee, KS



Five (5) $100 winners:                                                                 Carroll Flowers (now deceased), Meadville, MS

Jerry Cox (now deceased), Sarah, MS

Marie Gilley, Baton Rouge, LA

Eric Gilley, Baton Rouge, LA

Lois Gwin, Metairie, LA